Clay Products

Clay is the perfect material for sewers, roof coping, flue liners, and decorative chimney tops. Clay's time proven quality and structural integrity has made it the material of choice for architects, builders, and sewer contractors through a variety of uses.

Crawford Material Co. carries a complete line of sewer pipe in a wide variety of sizes and types. We compliment our clay pipe inventory with cast iron grates, rubber mission couplings, and catch basin blocks and supplies.

Crawford Material Co. is the largest distributor of Clay Wall Coping in the United States. Clay Coping is an economical and durable method to capping a masonry wall. We carry a complete line of wall coping to insure a match to a particular style of architecture. Used clay wall coping is also available in a variety of sizes. 

Clay Flue Liners should be used in all brick or cement block chimneys. Thousand of fires are caused yearly by defective flues, but if clay flue lining is used, it reduces this danger. Crawford Material Co. carries a variety of flue liner sizes as well as a complete line of chimney and fireplace products.

Decorative Clay Chimney tops enhance your home with the beauty and protection of natural clay. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will assist you with the selection of your decorative clay chimney top, and delivery is available. You may view these beautiful tops or learn more about clay products by clicking the boxes on this page.
Clay Chimney Caps
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